Leslie Sturmer

Leslie Sturmer – Shellfish Extension Agent


Provides extension support concerning aquaculture to the molluscan shellfish industry sectors in Florida. Audience groups include marine shellfish culturists, commercial shellfishers, state/federal marine resource regulators, shellfish dealers, and interested general public. Conducts applied research projects in all phases of production management including genetic improvement, management strategies, and evaluation of alternative molluscan shellfish species for culture. Species include hard clams, oysters, and potential aquaculture species, such as ark and sunray venus clams.


  • Production aquaculture
  • Molluscan shellfisheries and restoration
  • Rural economic development
  • Water quality


Provides educational programs for shellfish farmers high lighting growout production technology, seed production, product quality, water quality, health monitoring, species diversification, and organizational development; programs for new growers foster economic development in rural coastal communities; programs in water quality include a broad range as it relates to molluscan shellfish, such as monitoring, restoration, and citizen stewardship.


  • MS, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Auburn University
  • BS, Zoology and Fisheries, North Carolina State University

Contact: lnst@ufl.edu

Shellfish Extension Website:


Shellfish Extension Facebook:


Sunray Venus Clam story for Explore Magazine.  UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones.


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